We are freelancers and small/medium companies who combined their skills together, in order to create a brand able to offer to Businesses and Customers everything they need for the Security and Reliability of all the online transactions.


We operate in many countries and we deal with Marketing Strategies, Import/Export Services, Web Development, Public Relations and we promote various e-Stores characterized by Quality, Warranty, free returns and extremely competitive prices.


A department for each of your needs. From Art to Technology, from the development of an Enterprise to retail selling, from programming to public relations, you have at your disposal qualified personnel, ready to assist you in each of your requirements.


Coming Soon. For the tranquility of your purchases, Market Opportunities offers you an on-line Shopping Center with the highest Security of the payments, best value for money, an attentive Customer Service and a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed return policy.

Help Center

Help Center


For any kind of information or for assistance about our products and services, you have at your disposal a dedicated Help Center.

You can contact us through Email, Live Chat, Telephone, our Customer Help portal, all our sites, as well through the major Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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Marketing Strategies


We realize your idea step-by-step, from the creation of the Logo to the study of the best sales channels. By evaluating the use of the budget and giving an expert support, we can help you in the research of the Customers, strengthening their loyalty and developing  a stable and fruitful Commercial Network, projecting you into the world of tomorrow’s eCommerce.

Your’s prestige becomes our prestige.

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Import Export Services


Through our wide Network of Freelancers and Partner Companies operating in Italy, The Netherlands, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, United States, China and India, we help Businesses that are inspired by our values ​​to emerge in the foreign markets, by assisting them in the distribution, sales and public relations with the Customers.

Your success becomes our success.

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IT Department

BLS Hosting

Dedicated, VPS and shared Hosting. We study the best plan by evaluating first the Customer’s requirements, in order to provide the highest reliability, for each different exigency.

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BLS Software

On-demand Software development. By integrating existing Open Source systems or by creating programs from scratch, our developers can provide custom solutions for any kind of situation.

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BLS Store eBay

Over 20000 Quality products, on a platform used by millions of people. Synchronized with our Help Center, our eBay Store offers to the Customers the same attention as all our other portals.

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Your Freedom, our priority!

As our Partners, we only choose Freelancers and Companies with the highest Quality standards, many years of experience and consolidated feedback. Vlad Grigore - C.E.O.
No matter if you subscribe to a service, buy a product or ask for a custom solution, we always guarantee a “100% Satisfaction” policy. Isabella Bastia - C.F.O.
You always get what you want. For any query, our personnel is easy to reach and ready to help, in order for you to find the best suitable solution. Michael Mussolin - C.R.O.

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Open from 8 AM to 8 PM UTC.

  • English +44 2033 224514
  • Français +33 9751 86772
  • Italiano +39 0522 305186
  • Español +34 5188 80197
  • help(at)marketopportunities.eu
  • facebook.com/marketopportunities
  • twitter.com/MarketOppEU

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